So my craft room is a mess.  It has become our “catch-all” for all the stuff that has not yet found a home in my house.  I still have things that need to be put in storage, that hubby is dilly dallying on and I have a lot of stuff I’m thinking we probably won’t keep, then I have a few shelves and things that still need to go on the wall.

(Insert picture here)


So far, I love how my craft corner in that room is coming along.  I have a cabinet that the previous owners left behind that I think will work really well.  I also have a little cubby/organizer thing I found in the treasure hunt that I”m sure will serve a great purpose and I have lots and lots of drawers.  Then I have a small, round table that will be perfect for crafting on.  Problem is, nothing is organized.  Today I went looking for my small roller and couldn’t find it.  I know I have one, I saw it when I was unpacking.

What I really need to do is dedicate a day to work on this project alone, to organize my thoughts about the room and what purpose it is going to serve.

On a side note, we used the gift cards my mom got me for Christmas and bought two really great mirrors to replace the medicine cabinets in the master bathroom.  One is up and it is already amazing!  Pictures and blog to follow!