So when we first saw our house, we were told it had termites due to some rotting wood in the small commode room, off the master bathroom.  We even has a report that says that.  However, once we were able to further inspect, we found that the rotting was due to a leaky toilet and none other than water damage.  Whew!

Here is what the baseboard looked like when we first looked at it.


Isn’t it lovely?  Here are more pictures of this bathroom.

Image Image

So one of the things we were worried about was not being able to pass the inspection to get our FHA loan.  These “termites” were the reason the last seller wasn’t able to get financed and fell out of Escrow.  So our sweet real estate agent came in on his own time and “fixed” the baseboard to cover up the damage.  I didn’t get a picture of that, but honestly, it didn’t look much better.  The baseboard didn’t fit and was just sort of sitting up there.

I knew this project wouldn’t be a big deal so we spent about $12 on new baseboarding and that was an easy fix.


I’m not sure if you notice the big hole above the baseboard, but there is one on the other wall too, and it comes out of my cabinet in the other side of the bathroom where they had cable TV hooked up.  In their bathroom!

So I really wanted something unique and fun and “vintage,” since that is the look I am trying to go for in my new, old home.  So I found this really cool look on Pinterest and I thought it would be easy to recreate it.  I figured I’d either love it or hate it, but first I needed a really pretty, frilly color to go on the walls.  I stuck with blue, since most of our house is that color.

Here is the original Pinterest picture:


I have a ton of paint, all colors.  So I took the Navy blue I used in my son’s room and mixed a dab here, and a dab here into some white until I got the look I was going for.  In all honesty, it’s a bit darker than I envisioned, but I still love it.


And here is the final project!


Yes, that is an old pallet on my wall.  My first thought to tone down all the wood was to white wash it, but I really like it the way it is.  It took hubby about a day and a half to cut and attach the wood.  I think some frilly accessories, and a new light fixture (I just have a globe light in there now), will make a ton of difference too.

Here are the accessories I decided on.  The frame had glass and a picture of a lighthouse in it.  I got it at a yardsale for $1.  The wreath and ribbon I had!


Overall, project cost about $12 for the baseboard.  Everything else, we had.  It took about 3 days total, start to finish.


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