So I’ve been on this motivational kick this passed couple weeks on continuing work on my house.  We are finally able to get some major work done that we’ve been needing to do and so now I have a bee in my bonnet to get all the stuff checked off my list that I’ve been wanting to do.  


Yesterday we bought my old fashioned screen door!  I’m so excited and hubby will probably put it up tomorrow.


The roofing company is coming by tomorrow to secure the contract and the construction of our new roof will commence by the end of the week!  Hear that?  New roof by the holidays (and rainy season!)


Once the new roof is in place, the carriage garage door will be ordered.  We have a couple of companies coming out this week to give us a price quote.


Then, the part I’m MOST excited about and I’m really, really hoping it doesn’t have to wait until spring, but our new exterior paint!!  With the new roof, garage door, AND paint, it’s going to look like a completely different house!  Good bye blue house with purple trim!


Some of the other things I’m wanting to do in the semi near/near future:


  • Fix the fireplace and make it workable, but until then sew a cute little curtain to hide the ugly gaping hole.
  • Replace downstairs flooring in kitchen, fireplace room, craft room, and living room.
  • Tile craft room bathroom.
  • Paint the inside of the front door.
  • Get all the curtains completed downstairs.
Other projects I know I want to do but haven’t figured out exactly what to do yet.
  • Refinish kitchen cabinets.  I’d really love to do a very light, washed out blue on them, but I’m not sure if I’m brave enough.  I’m not sure it will go with our retro chunky tile with blue grout, but in all honesty, I love that chunky tile and blue grout and no, I will change it to granite.  What is with the obsession with granite?  I look on pinterest and google images and every kitchen looks exactly the same!
  • Remove wallpaper in kitchen.
  • Remove upper cabinet in kitchen and replace with antique looking wired lights.
  • Do “something” in the laundry room.
  • Add a mantle on top of my fireplace.
So there you have it.  I’m sure I’ll add to this list and I really hope I can start crossing stuff off as we go!  Expect to revisit this list often!