Since the interior of the house is pretty much done (liveable) for now, we’ve been working on clearing out the yards, getting them prepped for spring planting and just hoping for a front that doesn’t scream FORECLOSURE!  So we’ve been raking up the endless debris, pebbles, enough stepping stones to get us across the Pacific Ocean and about an 80 foot pile of leaves if they were all raked on top of each other.

Gryph and I dug up and moved all of the stepping stones to create a path through our garden.


Then today, I raked up the pebbles, and took out the border lining the stone garden and the flower bed.  We are going to extend the grass into that area, for the dogs.

Daniel has been working on cleaning up the trash, yard waste, and debris.  So far, it’s taken several dumps to the community clean up neighborhoods, several weeks of filling our trash cans and our neighbors, and now several trips to my aunt’s house, where the community cleanup is currently headed.

And there is still more!  I can’t believe all the crap they had back there!  We dug up the HUGE dead bush in the front yard.  Underneath there are about a half dozen boulders, and a tree stump.  As my friend suggested, I think I’m just going to leave it and put a pot on it.  I am not up to digging up a tree stump.

I found this picture on the internet today.  This is what the house looked like when we put our offer on it, back in September, 2012.

ImageThen I found this picture.  This is what it looked like when it was first put on the market.  I don’t even know when that was, but by looking at the picture, you can tell it had been awhile.


Isn’t it cute?  It will look that great, or better in another month or so.