So this is the first time in what feels like forever that I am taking a break long enough to write.  We have made leaps and bounds with this house.  For the most part, the interior is done.  There are still a few stray items lying around, and the office is still a big mess, but overall, everything is unpacked or in storage.  We are extremely fortunate to have a ton of attic space so all of our plastic storage tubs ended up up there!  So here, are some pictures of the living room.


So far, I love this room.  It feels very formal to me, so I never sit in it.  Notice the big empty space on the wall?  I’m holding out for a specific clock.  Around my birthday, Winco had these huge, awesome clocks and I kept waiting till the “right” time and lo and behold, I missed my window and now they are gone.

Just to remind you, this was the before picture of this room.


Here is the fireplace:




The story with this fireplace is interesting.  It had this hideous wood burning insert, well, inserted into it.  I wanted it removed so we could have an old fashioned fire in the brick fireplace.  Notice all the wires draped all around?  Those are from the insert!  So we pulled it out and BEHOLD! It’s a gas fireplace.  So, you might be able to tell from the top picture that it’s still not useable and has this ugly metal “thing” in it.  It will have to be switched out as funds allow, but with summer coming up shortly, I’m not too worried about it.

The glass windows on the side came from my grandmother, when she passed away.  I love them.  The stars are temporarily there.  I got those second hand for $10, and my little chest was my toy box when I was a kid that I refinished about 20 years ago.

More Befores/Afters:

101_0097  100_9811



Remember my cabinet I refinished?  Here it is!  I love it and it works as the perfect hiding place for all our junk!

So I have some garden pictures that I’ll be posting in the next few days.  I’ll let you rest for now, as will I.