Day 1:  We got our key Saturday, March 16 and decided to hold off on any work until the next day.  Instead, we ran around, doing some shopping, buying much needed supplies for the house.  The work ahead was extremely overwhelming.  We decided that Sunday would be the day we began to do prep work for paint to begin on Monday.  Little did we know that prep work would take two days.

Day 2:  Sunday.  We finished church and lunch and ended up getting a late start since Daniel has to work at 3pm. My mom set to work in the kitchen, cleaning and scrubbing the grime off and out of the oven.  Years of accumulated grime took my mom an entire day to clean out.  We took off light plate covers, light fixtures, vacuumed baseboards, cleaned walls that weren’t going to be painted.  the guys fixed leak after leak.  Everything leaked, from every single toilet to a water filter hose in the front yard, to the front faucet, to the bath tub faucets.  Everything.  The upstairs bathroom was the worst, where the toilet looked like someone had pooped in it and there was no water to wash it down so it sat and dried for almost a year.

Day 2:  We still weren’t ready to pain in the morning.  More cleaning and prepping and I started to paint edges.  that’s my job.  I always do the edging.  I like it, since I can plant myself in one area and just do it.  Daniel did the rolling.  the ceilings are so high that the painting proved to be a real challenge, especially since we were doing the ceiling too, a different color.  Most of the lower painting in the main floors were done.  We had also cleaned off the front porch, cut some trees that had been rubbing on the house.  This was the day that we noticed some visual changes.

Day 3: Tuesday.  More painting and painting, and painting.  I’ve never done so much painting in my life.  The mini blinds still hung in the back yard waiting to be cleaned.  The days were long, about 10 hours for me, and then came home and worked in the old house.

Day 4:  Wednesday.  We are tired. We are sore.  We are cranky.  We are still painting.  It feels like most of it is over but we still have a long way to go .  Floors are clean, bathrooms are clean.  We are having to buy a lot of different supplies, as so many things are broken.  Dishwasher doesn’t work.  My dad came over to help fix the leaky toilets.

Day 5: Thursday.  Painting is mostly done.  With the exception of a few touch ups and a recoat that I absolutely refuse to do!  I am so over painting.  We ran out of paint for the  master bedroom and had to start over with a different color.  I wasn’t buying more paint and we hadn’t gotten too far anyway.

Day 6: Friday.  I had to work in the morning so Daniel finished painting the ceiling and the bedroom.  By the time I got there, it was my ojb to clean the carpets and get ready to move in.  Daniel wanted to to start moving stuff over Saturday. I was able to finish all of the upstairs but couldn’t do the downstairs.  I needed to vacuum the carpets before shampoooing and Daniel had forgotten the vacuum.  So after Daniel left, wmy mom and I finished putting light covers on, and cleaned and hung blinds.  Most of the blinds are broken so that will have to be a near project to do, replace all the blinds.

Day 7: Saturday.  We were totally not ready to be moved in.  I worked till 11am and by the time I got to the house, my dad and Daniel had hung light fisxtures and wer working on the water leaks.  So they had the water turned off.  I couldn’t shampoo carpets with no water so I left and we went to get lunch.  By the time lunch was over, I could use the water and was able to get the carpets cleaned.  The downstairs bedroom and living room weren’t too bad. The fireplace room, where the bonfire happened, was a bit more stubborn.  And by “a bit”, I mean I had to go over them about four times to remotely lighten the stains.  Overall, I think they turned out amazing, considering what they looked like before.  So as of today, we are move in ready.  I also started scrubbing the kitchen grout and was so excited to realize that it is coming clean so easily and they are a lovely blue! I got the grout about half finished.  Tomorrow, I will go and take some pictures, but mostly taking tomorrow off, due to a prior engagement.  Monday will be moving day!