We signed.

That was meant to be read in an exhalation of breath, as in a sigh.  Seven months ago, when we started dreaming about this day, I always imagined the excitement would be seeping from every orifice of my being when we signed the papers.  I imagined I would come to this blog and scream on Facebook, WE SIGNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in that exact manner, but no.

We signed. In a small office facing the street.  Four large bodies cramped up against the desk, trying to make light of such a horrid, but supposedly fun situation, trying not to sweat on each other, wishing that we’d been offered water when we came in.

I still find myself holding my breath a little bit.  Waiting for that call or notice from someone that something else has gone wrong.  The churning in my stomach is still there, not like the really impressive bank account balance we once had.

I’d like to say that next week at this time, we will have our keys.  But I can’t.  Not yet.  All I know right now is that we signed.