So the end is approaching, not quickly, but approaching nonetheless.  We were hoping to get our call to sign today but that didn’t happen so we are assured that it will be Monday.  Darn weekends keep getting in the way.  To bide my time, I’ve been reading blogs on saving money and budgeting and being the good little housewife that I’m supposed to be.  But I have a question.  Do people really DO this?  Do people really make their own washcloths, and napkins, and clothes?  Do people really wash their aluminum foil and reuse it?

I’m all for saving money.  However, it would cost me about the same to purchase my monthly bottle of Kaboom shower cleaner as it would be for me to purchase vinegar and dish soap and make my own.  And anyone who knows my son, knows that it is worth it to me (or anyone shopping with him) to spend $1 more on an item than to drive to another store just to get an it cheaper there.

I’m happy to say that we don’t need to save money like that.  But I do know we can do better.  I do buy paper towels but we don’t use them to dry our hands.  I save money by buying cake mix or brownies rather than buying store bought, prepackaged items for our sweets.  Could we give up our sweet treats?  Yes.  Will I?  No.  I buy our clothes new, but I also sell all of our unwanted items.  I’m also a “treasure hunter” and will sell items I find that are worth salvaging.

After four years of digging ourselves out of a pretty deep hole, complete with job layoff, I’d say we are doing pretty well.  We have one credit card, to help rebuild our credit, but we try not to keep a balance on it.  We also just bought a new furniture set on layaway (to save 20%) with no interest or financing charges.  I just pay it off in cash and will make the final payment next week when we get our house.  And we got approved for a home loan.  I think that’s a pretty big step, especially in today’s market where you pretty much have to promise the blood of your first born to get a house.  So yes, if I want to go to the store and get a movie out of the Redbox (with my free coupon!) or stop at the store and buy a soda and some candy, if I want to splurge on a clock I’ve been eyeing for awhile, I will.  Will I charge it?  Probably not.  Overall, I really want to, and plan to start taking money saving steps.  However, some things are just okay to spend money on.  Life is too short to drink home made soda or live by candle light 🙂