So we never got our key.  It has been a rollercoaster of emotion.  Excitement, dismay, disappointment, caution.  Why can’t it all be over?  I wasn’t going to post on here anymore until we were for sure going to have our key, but I thought, why not?  Then someday, if/when we ever do have a house, we can look back and relive? the process.  Not sure why I’d want to.  So here is how it goes:

We were supposed to close on January 25, which was a Friday.  We got the call on Monday that said that the laws had changed on January 1 (and it’s taken three weeks to let us know??) and now I could no longer be left off the loan, and my credit score, which had been teetering on borderline, had dropped too low, partially because of an old bad debt that I had been disputing for two years with Dell.  To just hurry the process up, we came to a settlement with Dell, called the lender to find out if a settlement would suffice, and was told yes.  I was also told to defer my student loans, for the thousandth time and pay off my Capital One card.  So $2000, we are told we need “official” documents stating these issues have been resolved. A snapshot of the online dashboard is not enough.  So we had to wait two weeks for the statements to be updated so they could get a rapid rescore and find out if my scores had gone up their measily 4 (yes 4!!!) points so that I could be in the clear again.  That Friday comes and the statement is ready and our lender drops a bombshell.  He’s going to Mexico for the entire week on vacation and we are going to wait until Capital One updates the credit reports so that they don’t have to pay for a rapid rescore, so Monday.  Monday and Tuesday both come and go without so much as an email from our lender.  He’s in Mexico sipping Margaritas and we are here rummaging through boxes just to find the ibuprofen.  And we can’t get a hold of him because his phone does not work in Mexico.  Finally we get an email on that Thursday that says the score is good and he is sending all the information in and ordering loan docs and we should be closing early next week.  Frantic because we are coming up short on funds since we had to pay all that off, I borrow $1200 from my dad (which is like cutting on both arms for him) and put it in the bank.  I get an email early this morning, Saturday,  and our lender says there is no guarantee that we are going to close this week, instead, we should plan for March 15, two more weeks.  What????  Nothing has changed since three days ago and now.  Why are they tacking two more weeks on the end of this?  I sent him an email and complained and asked why it was taking so long, blah, blah, and he doesn’t address a single thing, just apologizes for the “disappointments.”  We forwarded even more bank statements, and more pay stubs today.  Next they are going to want Gryph’s heart coated in gold.  And since we are still coming up $30 short (it hasn’t hit the bank yet but will come through Monday), now we have to wait till Monday to show we have the full amount for the down payment.  So our 45 day escrow has turned into 90.

So after all that, I don’t know if we’ll get the house.  I’ll be really upset if we don’t, since we’ve invested so much time, emotion, and money into this house.  We’ve planned our entire lives up till now, as well as our entire future for this house.  But at this point, I’m kind of over it.  I can’t keep stressing about it anymore.