So we are approximately four days from getting our key.  Maybe sooner.  We happened by there this afternoon after church and the back door was unlocked, so of course! we let ourselves in to show my parents.  Wow.  Is this the same house I’ve been doting over for five months?  Where did those cracks come from?  How come the carpet is so dirty?  Has that wallpaper always gone all the way up to the ceiling?  OMG, why are there dents in the stove? Oh, what hideous lights!!!  Okay, so I’m getting nervous.  And overwhelmed.  There is going to be  A LOT of work to be done in the coming weeks.  We will have our rental through the month of February (does it have to be the shortest month of the year?) so we have about four weeks to work on the house before we HAVE to be moved in.  First major project is paint.  The house is blue.  The tile is blue, the grout is blue, the bathtub is blue.  The walls?  Well, they are yellow.  Can we say 1987 flashback?  So we have about 2000 square feet of yellow walls that need paint.  And about 30 foot ceilings that need paint.  Yikes.  10 gallons and $300 later, hopefully we’ll be covered, literally.

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