So almost a month ago, I get one of those calls that no one ever wants to get. I won’t get into details here but my gramma is now gone, a few days before Christmas. So needless to say this entire month has sucked. To put it mildly. The day of my gramma’s viewing and the day before her funeral, I get a call that the appraisal has come in too low on our house. My world had already felt like it was caving in all around me, and now this? I NEEDED this house. I needed it for the new life I desperately craved, for the distraction I was longing for in order to cope with this horror that was now my life. How could my gramma have been taken away from me and now this too? All in the same week? I began feeling terrified of everything. You know how you always think, it won’t happen to me? I was now the opposite? Oh, God, what are you going to put me through next?? It was over in my eyes. Throughout this entire ordeal I just kept thinking, I just need to get through the funeral, then I can focus on my house and get out of this hell I’m living. I just needed to occupy my mind. So the funeral came and went and still no word on the house. I began looking for rentals and/or other homes, desperate to move. I did a ton of research online and basically, we only had a few options.
1. Ask the bank to take the appraisal price. In our case, only $8000 less.
2. Ask the bank to meet in the middle, with us paying $4000 and the bank paying $4000.
3. Paying the entire difference in cash.
4. Backing out of the deal.
If you’re not understanding, our lender (or any lender) will not fund a mortgage for more than the appraisal price. It made sense to me that the selling bank would take less but it was anyone’s game at this point. Two long weeks passed, as we waited, nearing our closing date, sure we were going to miss it. Then today…..
(Cue heavenly music)
We got the call!!! Not only will the bank accept it, they accepted the appraisal price so we don’t have to come up with the additional money!! So we are back on track, giving the lender more paperwork and information, and we are still scheduled to close in, according to my countdown on my desktop, 13 days, 2 hours, 10 minutes, and 22 seconds…..

I really do need this. This house means so much more to me now than it ever did. Not only is it my dream home, but it is the new life I yearned for. It is the distraction. It is the therapy I needed. I am going to use it as that. It will be my sanctuary. I’m sorry my gramma won’t get to see it. But I know she already has. I know she is proud of me and my big blue house. Now I won’t have to take pictures of the upstairs because she won’t be able to climb them. She’s already there, waiting for us to meet her. I love you Gramma.

Joyce Frazier