My new favorite thing, as of late, is upcycling furniture.  Awhile back, I came across a small end table and painted it this lovely sea foam green and I loved it.  So instead of wanting a new coffee and end table in my living room, I decided I was going to upcycle it.

I have this huge intricate wooden coffee table with a matching end table that were given to us by my mother in law.  They are heavy and lovely, but over the years, they have become scratched and worn.  The end table has the lacquer chipping off of the top.  I have wanted new ones for years.  So when I decided that I was going to upcycle them, I wanted to actually know what I was doing first.  So I came across this antique dresser with all its drawers and I figured I would use that for practice.  I found this pin on Pinterest about how to paint furniture black with the smooth finish.  Since we’ve been saving every penny for our house, money to spend was extremely limited.  I had two gallons of black paint, one was gloss and one was flat.  Nothing in between.  So I chose the gloss.  When I opened the can, it was completely dried out.  Flat it is.  I did some minor sanding, removed all 16 of the drawer pulls, complete with screws AND nails and went to work painting.  Upon finishing, the black paint was pretty smooth but it was very flat and it was already chipping if something bumped it so I put a clear over it.  I ended up having to go buy a quart of clear lacquer because the spray paint didn’t work.  Once that clear was on it, it was no longer smooth.  As of right now, I hate the project and it’s not even done.  I still have the sides of the dresser to lacquer and then put the pulls back in.  It’s not smooth at all, it’s too glossy, and the top of the dresser has some damage that can’t be covered with paint.  I’m going to finish up the sides and decoupage the top and call it done.  Problem is, since we’ve been planning on moving for almost 8 months now, all my stuff is packed and so it’s hard to do any projects.  Here is a picture of the dresser before:

Here is the dresser after it’s been painted.:

I’ll add a photo when the top gets decoupaged.  Until then.  Please enjoy this picture of the fabulously retro chair I picked up.  I’ve never recovered a chair but I really want this chair to be great!